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Verum Et Inventa

I have started a new blog titled Verum Et Inventa, which is Latin for Truth And Fiction. All posts from this conspiracy blog are being reviewed and will be moved over, plus new content will be added as time allows. I invite any of you who are interested in conspiracy theories, occult themes, the paranormal and the metaphysical to come and take a look, and to follow the blog.

Here is the blog site: Verum Et Inventa

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CNN Crisis Actor Revealed: Barbara Starr





Excerpts from an article from the Examiner. Read the full story at this link, and be sure to click on the links within the article for several exampled:

What was once thought to be a crisis actor, interviewed multiple times after the Boston Marathon bombings, appears to be a CNN Pentagon Correspondent posing as multiple different witnesses.

Despite what is typically a polished and professional appearance, constant reminders of a blatant disregard for old-time journalistic standards and what now seems to be a perma-lean toward the establishment, at the expense of the people and its grassroots, has long since destroyed the believability of almost anything stated on major radio or television.

If it’s not an almost childlike bias toward either conservative or liberal values proudly emanating from entities like FOX News and MSNBC, major agencies from all points of view have been caught doing things like manipulating audio or video for political and other purposes, reporting and/or omitting specific stories or realities for the protection of individuals or establishments and more than a handful of other credibility-destroying examples.

Since not long after their inception, CNN has been caught multiple times throughout the years manipulating the public with sensationalism, favoritism, purposely misrepresenting reality and a multitude of other examples. One of the most poignant of those was back in the Gulf War era, when it was revealed that CNN had been fabricating on location news events. Pretending to be reporting in dangerous locations overseas, but instead from the comfort of CNN’s Atlanta studios, in front of a blue-screen, or green-screen. Using a technology known as “chroma key.”

Ladies and gentlemen, meet CNN Pentagon Correspondent, Barbara Starr. A long-time establishment war propagandist turned convenient, on-the-spot witness, whenever CNN needs one.


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