Newtown Massacre – RIP Victoria Soto page

17 Dec

Is this more evidence that this massacre was a false flag? I guess it’s easy to change stuff on Facebook, but I wouldn’t know, since I don’t have a page there. However, the account was allegedly created on the 10th, and has quickly been deleted after the attention surfaced about the date, which was only 4 days prior to the massacre. (Someone on a related threat has pointed out that even the URL reads RIP. Well here’s the cached page from the 16th, and yes, the web address has the word RIP in it. How easy would it be for someone to change this, and why would they even change it in the first place, unless that happens automatically?)

Breaking News – Cover up exposed! RIP Victorioa Soto Facebook page created December 10, 2012! (YT link)

Sandy Hook (Victoria Soto) R.I.P. Facebook Page Created 4 Days Before Incident (YT link)

InfoSalvo managed to get a screenshot of the original page before it went down. Do you see the inverted pentagram Baphomet silhouette in the write a comment area? Is that normal?

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